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The Principality of Monaco, a haven of peace and security along the Mediterranean shores, is famous for its dolce vita, its dynamic economy and the quality of its banking and financial ranking, but also for its cultural influence that is illustrated by a rich artistic diversity: ballet, opera, philharmonic orchestra, theater, the new national museum, exhibitions and grand events.

In this dynamic cultural context, the Princely government has decided to create a storage structure suitable for works of art , in order to promote the development of the art market in Monaco.



The warehouse dedicated to works of art, called “Monaco Freeport” is managed by the “Société d’Exploitation et de Gestion des Entrepôts de Monaco”, abbreviated as S.E.G.E.M.

It enables the storage in Monaco of high-value goods imported from countries other than the European Union to UE, withholding duties and taxes, and for unlimited duration.




The Principality of Monaco includes 119 different nationalities, making Monaco the most cosmopolitan State of the world.

It is also an international crossroads, a meeting point for the greatest talents all over the world: that is why “Monaco Freeport” is not only directed at Monegasques or Monaco residents, but at everyone, whether they are:


  • Art or antic dealers

  • Art merchants

  • Auction houses

  • Curators

  • Art experts

  • Jewelers and international jewelry makers

  • Coin and medal professionals

  • Philately experts

  • Collectors and Art lovers

  • Family office

"Welcome to Monaco, to all Art experts and lovers"

Claude Valion

Président S.E.G.E.M.

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